Benefits of Massage


I use techniques from various parts of the world to create an experience that helps the mind, body, & spirit to restore its resilience, melt away tension, & enhance healing. A massage is for, & can affect the entire you. By massaging the muscles with various techniques, different areas of the body & mind respond by increasing blood circulation & reduce the levels of Cortisol by 50%. Cortisol is a chemical linked to stress, anxiety & depression.


Muscle fatigue is another factor that can lead to muscle pain. By helping the muscle relax through massage, the tension reduces dramatically thus allows the body to help itself in healing & recovery.


Deep sleep is essential in maintaining health and reducing pain. A massage has proven to promote deeper sleep and causing pain sufferers to improve in their recovery. Regular massage therapy sessions can enhance your entire life and assist in clearer thinking, better mood and attitude, more energy, injury recovery, healthier life style, even better relationships. A massage can help you relax your body, renew your spirit.